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Placing an emphasis on education driven by a curriculum to engage children in interactive learning, Castlehill Country Day School provides core skills for children in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Based on our educational models, provided over 30 years of experience  in education, our curriculum is designed for all students, regardless of their backgrounds, to show significant growth in achieving Arizona State Standards to prepare them to thrive in higher education and careers after graduating our school.

What makes Castlehill Country Day School different is how we approach each core academic areas, and others that enrich a child’s learning. Rather than narrow down learning to a single philosophy, Castlehill Country Day School distinguishes itself by viewing each child as an individual who can have learning that is tailored to their personal needs, therefore achieving a deeper, rich passion for learning.

This approach, with its child focus and broad learning spectrum of inclusion, means a student body that looks forward to education and results in better achievement within Arizona State Standards. How our program differs in its approach to achieving standards, and how our curriculum rises up to result in our reputation as a leader of education within the community.