Our Fifth Grade Class Visits Washington D.C.!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWaQPOmQang The 5th grade class of Castlehill Country Day School had a memorable and educational trip to our nation’s grand capitol, Washington,D.C.! The class, accompanied by their teachers, Mrs. Bianco and Mr. Roberts, left Tucson on September 25th to begin their journey. The days were filled with seeing the amazing monuments built to our honor [...]

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Outstanding Fourth Grade Presentation

Fourth Grade Biography Project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IP8Vpn2Q3R0 This month Mrs. Mattingly’s fourth grade students chose a famous person that they were interested in learning more about.  They researched their person, completed a book report, and created a poster to look like their person!  They were then asked to present their project being sure to include the person’s lifespan, [...]

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Some Insight From Our Teachers

Gems From Our Teachers Coming to work each day at Castlehill is really like "coming home". My fellow teachers and I are fortunate enough to be responsible for the educating and nurturing of "our children". With our children, we share ups and downs, tears and joy, and successes and failures. The support we give and [...]

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