Alliteration in First Grade?? You betcha!!

Sooo, Dr. Seuss had us thinking about adjectives, and who wouldn’t with those cute little fish we painted?  We wrote stories about them, and then “highlighted” the adjectives inside the story.  We’ve also been working in our Mountain Language books, and learning about subjects, and action words.  But, we just couldn’t stop there, and with a little extra time on our hands, we decided to try applying all language work into another lesson (and add to it!)  I found a darling idea for alliteration from The First Grade Parade, and decided our kiddos were up to the challenge.  We started by making ourselves the subject.  Then I told them that alliteration means lots of words that have the same beginning sound all in one sentence.  So, I challenged them to find an “action” word that started with the same letter as their name (ie: Jason Jumped.)  Are you still with me?  Then we added even more…Where did you jump?  Upon what did you jump? (ie: Jason jumped on a jaguar!) Then (and only because we were having too much fun!!) we added an adjective (ie: Jiggly Jason jumped on a jaguar!)  Isn’t that just too cute?  Come take a peek at our illustrated sentences–We’re pleased as punch!

Mrs. Zlaket